VenueLytics Introduces New Platform

On January 11, 2018 – Modern Restaurant Management

VenueLytics Introduces New Platform

VenueLytics announced VenueLytics VL SMB. The new platform enables independent hospitality businesses such restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, casinos, and more, to add automated revenue boosting services.

“I love the real-time up-to date info that VenueLytics provides us,” said Marina Savinovic, GM and owner at Monte Carlo Night Club. “I no longer have to confirm with other co-workers on the availability of tables. It improved our communication tremendously. Even customers find it easier to reserve tables online.”

The platform enables business owners to manage and automate of all of their services on one easy to use platform to increase customer acquisition. VL SMB includes:

  • Reservation Management: Manage table/bottle service requests, floor maps, and guest lists in real-time.
  • Private Event Management: Manage booking for corporate events, private parties, etc.
  • Food and Drink Services: In-Venue mobile order and pickup services.
  • Ticketing: Real-Time online and offline ticketing for any event.
  • Engagement and Marketing: Promotion and customer engagement across social media and web.
  • Mobile Pay: Instant mobile pay for services.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Predictive analytics for enhanced customer service.
  • Games, Tournaments: Tournament details, game wait-time, etc.
  • Deals and Promotions: Offer deals and promotions across channels.
  • Internal Communication: Real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Fast Pass Service: Skip the line by paying a premium

Venues can track and engage customers in real-time via a white-labeled app, social media, website, and/or through the “ItzFun!” consumer app.

“The plug and play platform allows venues to choose and activate services with the click of a button, while eliminating the complexities of managing different services from multiple vendors. In addition, our services provide a memorable customer experience for guests and patrons through automation, real-time engagement and business analytics,” said Baskar Manivannan, co-founder and CEO of VenueLytics. “It’s a digital concierge platform that offers real-time integrated proprietary services, which is an enhanced and cost effective alternative to similar services offered by companies like Yelp, OpenTable, Ticketmaster, and other vendor.”