Create a Better Traveler Experience, Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs

Benefits to Travel Companies

Engage traveler before, during, and after travel
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Safety & Duty of Care
Provide traveler with  real time updates, travel alerts, and emergency notifications
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Traveler Satisfaction 
Real-time, in-travel communication allows for quick resolution of concerns, and results in happy customers & good online reviews
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Reduce Costs
Using 24/7 AI technology, reduce staff costs with automated responses to common questions
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New Revenue
Please your customers and earn new revenue with offers for tickets, activities, parking, spa/fitness, and gifts
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Why VenueLytics for Travel Companies?

AI Concierge
AI Communication drives efficiency
Traveler Safety
Ensure customers are safe and informed through their travels
Always in Touch
Travelers have automated 24/7 access for information and answers to their questions
Profit Builder

Targeted offers during travel, increase customer satisfaction and build profits

Real-Time Connection

Addressing in-travel issues immediately results in happy and loyal customers

Loyal Customers

Real-time 24/7 engagement increases customer satisfaction and overall return


24/7 AI Travel Concierge

  • Reduce staff time / cost
  • Support off-hour call centers
  • Provide better service to traveler
  • Booking and fulfilling sales of tours / activities / tickets
  • Tool for home-based call center staff
  • In-destination information

Reputation Management

  • Maintain relationships with large corporate customers
  • Better online reviews
  • Dashboard, similar to hotels, so that travel managers can quickly respond to problems

2-Way Messaging &
Ancillary Revenue

  • Upselling (hotels, business class air, cars, etc)
  • Better customer service
  • Opportunities for new ancillary revenue from money that’s being “left on the table”
  • Airport parking, tours & activities plus tickets to shows, sporting events and other attractions
  • Gifts and other retail that you know your clients are buying
  • Fitness & spa

Duty of Care &
Liability Management

  • Traveler safety through real time updates and emergency communication
  • Provide traveler with real time updates, travel alerts, and emergency notifications
  • Liability insurance


  • Increase bookings and revenue by better understanding traveler preferences
  • Produce targeted, predictive offers
  • Provide better and more relevant reporting to customers (for TMC’s)
  • Catch travel trends early