Spend Less for the Best Customer Experience

Spend Less for the Best Customer Experience


Guest experience solutions that help address and improve the full guest journey are here to stay. In fact, it may be that the future competitive battleground for guest loyalty will be won or lost based upon an organizations ability to effectively implement and leverage these products. The challenge for any hotelier is to identify the right solutions. With so many customer experience products, and so many providers, it’s difficult to know where to start.


Today, some of the more popular customer experience products that improve the full guest journey include:

·      Reputation management

·      Front desk staff support

·      Contactless engagement

·      AI concierge

·      Ancillary revenue generation

·      F&B ordering

·      Back-end staff communications

·      Guest Experience Quality Assurance


Throughout the future every hotelier will need to make critical decisions about implementing these solutions based upon their perceived value, ROI, cost, flexibility, and many other relevant criteria.


Exacerbating the challenge will be post-Covid guest expectations, increased competitive pressures, and continuously improving new technology. So how do leaders in the hospitality and travel industry keep up? Which parts are important, which are less so? Which new solutions are compatible with your system, and which will obsolete your entire investment?


As Aristotle taught us and Steven Jobs has reminded us; “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” At VenueLytics, our development is guided by this principle. We are committed to providing our industry with a seamless, cutting-edge platform that is price competitive and becomes even more cost-efficient with each added module.

VenueLytics is a guest experience and analytics platform with modular and highly intuitive solutions that deliver an ROI at the top of the industry.

  • AI 24/7 Smart Concierge; decrease calls to front desk by 40%, increase guest engagement to over 60%, and respond to FAQs from guests in seconds.
  • In-Stay Transactions and New Ancillary Revenue; make your Guest Experience platform a profit center – NOT an expense.
  • 2-Way Contactless Guest Messaging; Provides contactless Guest Engagement, Check-in & Keyless Entry
  • Reputation Management: Immediately respond to in-stay guest concerns to achieve 25% higher NPS.
  • F&B onproperty ordering; is a high-revenue generator
  • Loyalty & Reward Management; keeps it simple and highly effective
  • Quality Auditing & Liability Management; significantly save on audit fees by improving and streamlining audits with imagery and real-time actionable, cloud-based multi-property oversight
  • Meeting & Event Communication; help book new meeting and conference business by keeping all event visitors well-informed with 2-way communications
  • Proximity Marketing & Occupancy Tracking; empower guests and staff to know real-time, where it’s crowded and where there are nearby deals.


Putting this into context, the cost to independently incorporate each of these solutions can be substantial and ultimately unsustainable. Also, new market consolidators of these solutions often provide them in fragmented pieces, sometimes patched together through choppy acquisitions, and post-development integrations that can compromise on system compatibility.


What if you could incorporate any or all of these guest services and assets, on your own timing and at your own speed, in one seamless platform at a fraction of the cost? VenueLytics’ scalable platform offers an increasingly cost-efficient solution with competitive pricing even at the initial investment stage.


So, what’s the secret? VenueLytics engineers started with the end in mind, making scalability a driving factor, with continuously expanding data analytics the distinguishing value proposition. A platform built to scale preempts and prepares for future integration and future innovation. It is built for speed, efficiency & precision, and that’s why VenueLytics is modular, allowing customers to expand at their own speed and timing, while securing competitive pricing.


VenueLytics Platform is built to last, through seamless multi-dimensional integration, always-expanding unique personal profiles, granular micro-segmentation, AI hyper-automation and an uncanny ability to draw relevant business building conclusions from a never-ending tidal wave of data.


Imagine, one single platform built from the ground up to incorporate today’s best-in-class guest experience solutions while seamlessly integrating tomorrow’s breakthrough platforms, systems, and solutions. All integrations feeding one powerful data analytics engine. Competitively priced from Day 1 and increasingly cost-efficient thereafter. That’s a technology for today. That’s a technology of the future. That’s VenueLytics. 


ABOUT VenueLytics

The Silicon Valley based Venuelytics is a guest analytics platform with AI-driven contactless guest experience and reputation management supporting hotels, casinos, live events, resorts, entertainment & travel industries across omni-channel communications. The platform addresses multiple opportunities for increasing personalized guest engagement, improving real-time productivity, and generating ancillary revenue. Venuelytics “leads with speed” at complex systems integrations to quickly enable unified guest profiles, food & drink ordering, and other revenue generating transactions. As the most comprehensive and scalable customer experience platform in the industry, VenueLytics enables clients to grow at their own speed on one single powerful platform.


Francis X Garcia