As we leave the craziness of 2021 and start fresh in ’22 we are all aware of the challenges that face hotels, both large groups and independents.  In many parts of the country, we went from a standing stop to a mad dash for a summer season faced with time constraints, dwindling profits and staff shortages. The challenges are real, and the question remains urgent; how do hotels tackle these issues while still delivering quality of service?  Technology has been the resounding answer from many corners of the hotel blogosphere but, which technologies will help most and how can hotels quickly implement and onboard staff to leverage this technology?

At VenueLytics, we are empathetic to the plight of the hotel owner, management company and brand and as a result we’ve developed creative ways to deliver on our promise of fast, seamless, and low-cost integration of products that will quickly increase new revenue through modules such as our intuitive “Turnkey F&B” system. We do this through our interfaces into the PMS and PoS with systems like Opera, Sabre, and Symphony. This allows hotels with F&B outlets to increase guest spend by offering new and unique ways for the guest to order in-room dining while limiting the need for staff interaction.  For example, through guest messaging we offer a simple solution to direct the guest to the F&B menu while interfacing with the PoS. This can then trigger the purchase option to send the bill directly to the guest folio while simultaneously delivering the order straight to the kitchen system and eliminating any staff interaction in expediting the order.

There are, of course, times that it might not be practical to interface into the PoS and PMS. For these partners we offer a stand-alone system that allows Venuelytics to operate within the environment of the hotel without connectivity to those systems. By providing QR Codes and weblinks to a custom menu we can take the transaction for the hotel and send the information to a tablet in the kitchen.  This provides the menu to the guest, eliminates any front desk call, and delivers the order directly to the kitchen staff resulting in incremental revenue and staff savings to the property. In order to immediately begin generating new revenue, some of our clients have chosen to quickly implement VenueLytics merchant transaction capabilities, while planning for PoS integration sometime in the future. 

Throughout the past few years VenueLytics has proudly delivered the highest quality tools to help hotels and hoteliers rebound and excel in a tough environment. Our platform modules have decreased front desk call volume by over 67%, increased guest engagement by over 5X and increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) more than 25%. In addition, simply by providing products, services and upsells to this more engaged guest audience, VenueLytics has increased our partner’s ancillary revenue by an additional 20% or more. Take a peek at our ninety-second video as an introduction to our overall capabilities and follow the link here to schedule a time that is convenient for you to discuss how we can customize our tools to help increase revenue at an extremely low out-of-pocket-cost.