Popular Trends to Watch for in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is evolving fast as more venues turn to new technologies to engage customers and provide personalized services. Here are some technology trends that we think will shape the future of hospitality industry.

1. Chatbots will improve customer experience

The buzz around town is about Chatbots and their importance in engaging customers and automating response to guests inquires. These chatbots are used to address the customer questions promptly and automatically. Chatbots have become a big part of the daily business operations and customer engagement. A chatbot solution utilizes AI, data, and self-learning to adapt to various customer inquiries. Chatbots are helping many hotels and restaurants already through automation and operational efficiency.

2. More and more solo trip bookings

There is already a good number of bookings happening by solo travelers and this number is expected to increase in the next few years. Most of them are millennials with great incomes. Another choice for them is zostels and we see them more in the places like Thailand, Malaysia, etc. But again, millennials are technology smart and can stretch their dollars for the best value.

3. The emergence of cloud-based operation management software

Just like chatbots, there will be more high tech software platforms like venue management (VenueLytics) that can handle end to end venue operations like food order, bottle service, table service, guestlist, concierge, etc. The aim is to automate services, make operations more efficiency and to engagement customers. These cloud-based platforms can capture crucial business data like customers taste, high booking timings, experiences, reviews, etc

4. Smart Hotel Rooms

Traditional hotel room are getting smarter through technology. With the right technology platform, hotel rooms will be able to offer service automation and customer service based on guest preferences. All these incremental changes through technology will make the guest stay more pleasant and engaging. The smart hotel rooms of future will make your stay memorable and pleasing.

5. Millennials will continue to influence the hospitality trends

Millennials will still be the influencers when it comes to setting the benchmarks for these venues. Millennials travel a lot and have always been setting up an example when it comes to tech in any industry. Even on social media, millennials are the ones acting as influencers when it comes to travel, food, and fashion. And what they say and think matters to the hospitality industry.

6. Local guides and concierge services will become the priority

Since we will see a tremendous increase in the number of people traveling across the globe for vacation, personalized help, guides and concierge services will be in high demand. The concierge can be a person or can be a software that will assist travelers with information about local attraction and personalized services.

7. Virtual Reality (VR) will help guest see rooms and accommodations in advance

VR will be major driver of guests experience prior to booking accommodations at a hotel or a resort. With VR, guest can now have a full view of the room, decor, and the ambience of the resort.. VR technology will help guest make better informed decisions, comfortably while it provides businesses with additional means of promoting and improving their services.

8. Engaging loyalty programmes

Loyalty programmes will become more interesting and be engaging for travelers/tourists. Venues will have their customized and personalized loyalty programmes based on customer preferences. These programmes will enforce branding and customer loyalty and attract more loyal customers.. Loyalty programmes are one of the best marketing tools.

9. More emphasis on personalization

The competition is tough. Take any city or any country for example. Venues like nightclubs, hotels, pubs, and resorts are constantly competing to attract more guests and patrons. So, venues are expected to put more emphasis on the personal touch rather than short them impersonal strategy. At the end of the day, a successful business is about providing customer service and happy customers.

10. Increase in the hospitality influencers

We will see a great number of influencers more actively influence ratings and popularity of a venue on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These influencers are again millennials who are going to share views and opinions about different venues (restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, resorts, hotels, etc). Therefor, many businesses these days employing social media influencers to market and promote their venue.

These we think are the ten trends that are going to shape and impact the hospitality industry.