Increase ROI, 

Reduce Cost & 

Drive Compliance

Benefits to Government Agencies

Generate ROI
Reach more delinquent payers, more often. Leverage AI, Data Analytics & Intelligent Automation. Provide effective payment gateway.
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Reduce Costs
Reduce staff costs with automated  responses to common questions and increased automation for outreach
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Drive Compliance
Leverage multiple data sources, omni channel and unified profiles to flag anomalies, track non-compliant and maintain consistent communications
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Increase Engagement & Audience Reach
Much expanded Omni-channel audience reach generates more impact and results.
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Why VenueLytics for Government?

Data Source Integrations & Mashing

Seamless integrations into many data source types; Direct feeds, Paper files, PDF, Spreadsheets, OCR, OpenCV, Online, Social, E-mail and more.

Unique Individual Profiles

Always growing, more granular data files on each, and all individuals.

Real-Time AI Communication & Data Analytics

Ensures citizen communications are prevalent, documented & effective. Alert more individuals of emergencies.

Profit Builder
Recognize savings through communication efficiencies and automation. Increase Revenue through greater engagement.
Accurately Gauge the public sentiment

Statistically relevant custom surveys provide real-time public sentiment on almost any policy or prevailing issue

Intelligent Automation

Set, Implement and track communications via multiple channels to a single individual. Document a history of outreach and communications.


Unified Citizen Profile & Data Mashing

  • Maintain profiles on all citizens with centralized hub that “unifies” databases, new technologies, spreadsheets and paper records
  • Maintain centralized records on all citizens, entities and organizations
  • “Tag” specific profiles with alerts and feedback
  • Segment messaging based upon granular citizen and organizational data
  • Maintain citizen profiles that are always growing and never lose history
  • Consolidate additional databases as identified

AI Smart Concierge for Citizens & Govt Staff

  • Reduce staff time / cost
  • Speed inter-departmental communications
  • Address FAQ’s quickly and efficiently
  • Leverage AI to ensure system is always learning and improving responses
  • Address off-hour inquiries
  • Screen and elevate high priority entities

Predictive Analytics 

  • Increase revenue by understanding characteristics of Slow-Pay, No-Pay
  • Identify “at risk” prior to falling into debt
  • Identify “red flags” through analytics
  • Micro-segment groups and communications based upon analytic “tags”
  • Track payments, delinquencies, trends and data comparisons
  • Get immediate alerts on specific real-time result

2-Way Citizen Communications 

  • Maintain relationships with large Incorporated entities
  • Communicate more directly and quickly with specific citizens and population segments
  • Relay emergency communications via omni-channel
  • Inform target citizens with priority messages
  • Communicate and confirm meetings and deadlines
  • Inform of new programs and policies
  • Communicate approvals and revocations of licenses

Citizen Feedback Management

  • Receive consistent reviews from different population segments; citizens, corporations, non-US registered entities
  • Gain preliminary evaluations on new procedures and services
  • Receive staff evaluations
  • Conduct surveys on proposed policy
  • Dashboard provides intuitive real-time view of analytics and insights
  • Identify and respond to concerns more quickly

Intelligent Automation (RPA, ML/DL, AI)

  • Program automation to fit specific requirements
  • Automate outreach so agency deadlines and communication requirements are always met
  • Automate alerts for specific analytic anomalies 
  • Automate alerts of individual or organizational contact