Is Modern Data Warehouse/Data Lake with Machine Learning the way to go?

  Hotel technology has been around for decades, specifically the PMS.  I was fortunate to work for one of the pioneers of this technology in a now defunct company, but through the years I always struggled to understand why the technologies became so segmented. At one time a PMS was your folio management, guest profile […]

A solution for hotel staffing post….or almost post….Covid.

Pre-covid, hoteliers were reluctant to add data & analytical tools to their hotel because they thought that it would take away from the still important human touch. The human touch will never go away, but given that hotels are understaffed, the need for AI solutions and some automation has become more important than ever. According […]

Hospitality Tech for Guests….Urgent or Now Indispensable!?

Eighteen months ago, before Covid, when hotels and resorts were pushing occupancy to its upward limit and enjoying soaring ADR‘s that were a hotelier’s dream come true, there were many new and emerging hospitality tech solutions that were on many a hotel’s wish list….things that were very much wanted, but not of the highest priority. […]

Hoteliers ….. Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Ancillary revenue has for some time seemed like the Holy Grail to those of us in hospitality. Prior to Covid, when occupancy could not get much higher, there was still pressure by owners for increased revenue. During Covid any revenue was more than welcome, and now, as we have come out of the pandemic, there […]

Popular Trends to Watch for in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is evolving fast as more venues turn to new technologies to engage customers and provide personalized services. Here are some technology trends that we think will shape the future of hospitality industry. 1. Chatbots will improve customer experience The buzz around town is about Chatbots and their importance in engaging customers and […]

How to Respond to Negative Restaurant Reviews

“This is the worst restaurant ever, ruined my anniversary. Food was boring, bitter coffee with a bad service and because of this, my whole day went really awful.”     After all the hard work that is involved in running a restaurant, such review at the end of the day is devastating. Have you ever […]

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hotels and Restaurants in 2020

Promoting your venue on social media is not an easy task, you need a proper strategy on what you are going to say, which channel to choose, how to propagate your story, etc. Social media is evolving rapidly with the increasing adoption of social channels around the world. Since hotels and restaurants are mostly related […]

Travel Trends to Watch for in 2020

Travel Trends to Watch for in 2020 Travel is not just a word, it is an expression and experience. For most people, travel is a means of escaping from the normal, routine and making memories. For some, travel is a passion and a means of earning their livelihood. It is different to different people and […]

What is Hospitality Industry

What is Hospitality Industry? Facts You Must Know What is hospitality industry? By definition, hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, which is the foundation for a broad list of industries such lodging, tourism, theme park, resorts, dining and nightlife just to name a few. Why is hospitality […]

Smart Concierge – Contactless Guest Engagement Platform

Smart Concierge: Contactless Guest Engagement Platform COVID19 has challenged the hospitality & travel industry to innovate. Mass cancellations of events and individual guest bookings means hotels have to find cost-effective and efficient ways to recapture that business. Customers will make travel decisions based on the steps a venue is taking to comply with CDC and […]

Advantage Hotels partners with VenueLytics

BY Esther Herzfeld On October 14, 2019 – Hotel Management Advantage Hotels has formed a strategic partnership with VenueLytics to offer its artificial-intelligence-powered reputation-management and guest-experience platform to Vista and Select Inn properties. VenueLytics’ real-time reputation-management platform provides a personalized welcome message to guests, sends surveys and gets real-time feedback and ratings while guests are at the hotel, and […]


On May 14, 2018 – Glimpse blog Gone are the days of calling and making appointments or reservations because now everyone expects, even simple tasks, to be done instantly with the click of a button. Over 75% of Americans now own a smartphone, which makes digital applications crucial to the success of any business, including […]

How artificial intelligence in the contact center improves customer satisfaction

On February 27, 2018 – TELUS International It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly impacting the customer experience. A survey conducted by MIT Technology Review found that more than 90 percent of globally recognized brands known for their high level of customer satisfaction — including Lexus, Alibaba and Zurich Insurance — are using AI in […]