Advantage Hotels partners with VenueLytics

BY Esther Herzfeld On October 14, 2019 – Hotel Management

Advantage Hotels has formed a strategic partnership with VenueLytics to offer its artificial-intelligence-powered reputation-management and guest-experience platform to Vista and Select Inn properties.

VenueLytics’ real-time reputation-management platform provides a personalized welcome message to guests, sends surveys and gets real-time feedback and ratings while guests are at the hotel, and proactively handles the service requests and concerns from the guest to increase revenue and net promoter score. The automated digital concierge provides AI-driven services via chatbot (SMS, messenger, apps) and voice-activated devices to engage with guests 24/7 and improve operational efficiency.

“We understand the immediate impact online reputation scores have on individual property reservation generation and [average daily rate] potential,” Amanda Belmonte, Advantage’s VP of franchise services, said in a statement. “This partnership will help properties effectively manage their guest feedback and reviews and lend to improved performance for our owners and our brands.”

VenueLytics technology delivers up to 10 times guest participation and its AI automation provides a seamless guest experience in real time, said Baskar Manivannan, the company’s co-founder.