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We are VenueLytics, a Silicon Valley Technology Company guided by Hospitality & Travel Industry Veterans.

Our Products are designed to Thrill Your Guests and Grow Your Profit

24/7 AI

Provide your guests instantaneous responses to FAQ’s and save staff time so they can address other urgent matters.

Reputation Management & In-Stay Feedback

Enhance your guest’s experience by quickly and efficiently addressing their feedback.

2-Way Messaging & Contactless Check-In

Provide the best service by catering to each guest’s personal needs with direct communication.

Ancillary Revenue & In-Stay Transactions
Create highly profitable customer engagement with relevant offers and transactions that thrill your guests.
Augmented Analytics

Our intuitive dashboard demonstrates what happened, why it happened, financial impact, and potential actions to improve business outcomes.

What we do

We thrill your guests and increase your profits. We alleviate pressure on your staff and reduce your costs. We enable new ancillary revenue while increasing on-premise transactions. We do this in real-time, through VenueLytics’ best-in-class AI guest experience & data analytics platform, built on a foundation of world-class integration, predictive analytics, and explainable AI.

Our Team

At VenueLytics, we leverage our team’s DNA and core competency at implementing complex backend integrations, advanced analytics, and AI, with precision and speed. Our team’s experience includes co-founding in 2012, a first-mover mobile marketing automation company that was ultimately acquired by Symphony Technology Group, as well as successfully creating a global SAP analytics rapid deployment solution team.

Our team has executive engineering experience at IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Business Objects; hospitality & travel domain experience at Wyndham, Marriott, IHG, Hilton and Indian Casinos; branding, analytics & customer segmentation at Coupons.com & PepsiCo. We have helped to build multiple early-stage companies resulting in successful mergers, private equity acquisitions, and eventual IPOs.

What we provide

Our guest experience products include 2-Way guest messaging, automated AI Concierge, in-stay transactions & ancillary revenue, reputation management and more. To continuously optimize our products, VenueLytics platform is built to seamlessly integrate to the ever-evolving landscape of world-class technology solutions. This ensures that our customers will always be providing the best, most relevant guest experiences, through one intuitive platform.

Built to Last

We are committed to providing the industry’s leading customer experience platform built on a foundation of world-class integration and predictive analytics for long-term sustainability and scale. This commitment ensures that our customers will always be able to provide the best guest experience possible, leveraging the most innovative and advanced technology available.

We Lead with Speed

We integrate with precision and speed to the most advanced technologies, and our comprehensive platform is modular, enabling long term scalability. We provide a platform that will integrate and grow with our customers, at their pace, for decades, and we can also seamlessly integrate individual VenueLytics products into almost any existing customer engagement platform.

How we do what we do

VenueLytics provides the ability to engage customers in a vast omni-channel network that includes SMS, e-mail, voice, Wi-Fi, WeChat, WhatsApp, Alexa, Google Home and more. Our platform’s data capture is further enhanced through backend integrations with PMS, POS, CRS, OTA, CMS, IOT, payment gateways and other systems. The result of this dramatic leap in data capture is an advanced level of actionable analytics and the unification of guest data & profiles. These unified guest profiles are critical to enabling our customers to leverage micro-segmentation and implement integrated marketing programs via the platform more easily and intuitively.

Who we serve

VenueLytics provides solutions for Hotels, Travel, Apartments, Casinos and Government.

Are you ready to grow your business with us?