On May 14, 2018 – Glimpse blog

Gone are the days of calling and making appointments or reservations because now everyone expects, even simple tasks, to be done instantly with the click of a button. Over 75% of Americans now own a smartphone, which makes digital applications crucial to the success of any business, including bars and restaurants. Understanding this new trend and utilizing the reach of smartphones can play an important role in the overall success of your establishment.


An AI and deep learning platform that helps venues in the entertainment, food and hospitality industries improve their customer experience and venue management. Through growth in customer loyalty, it reduces operational cost and improves marketing ROI and revenue per guest.

I Know the Chef

The best part of this diner-focused app is that it only features restaurants that have been evaluated to ensure they meet its standards. When a prospective diner selects your restaurant, time and number of guests, I Know the Chef will respond with confirmation right away or will provide the odds that a table will be open later. Right now, I Know the Chef is only available in a few select cities but looking to expand soon.


With just two tabs on your phone, Resy prides itself on being a very minimalistic app allowing diners to make reservations with ease. With over 1,000 restaurants across the country, Resy has attracted some of the most high-end restaurants from OpenTable.

Yelp Reservations

Since Yelp is already used by thousands of diners to check user reviews, Yelp Reservations allows guests to enter their reservation details and click on the time that works for over 4,000 restaurants that have signed on with Yelp.


Geared towards higher-end restaurants, Reserve allows guests to enter a request for a reservation and Reserve will show restaurants that have availability that meet the request. With a smaller restaurant base, Reserve has some of the most exclusive restaurants across the country signed on.


Built for restaurants that do not offer reservations but instead rely on waiting lists, Nowait shows how long the restaurants’ wait times are and allows guest to reserve a spot on the list without going there.


Focusing more on local places, Spotluck uses algorithms that incorporate the day of the week, time, weather and other factors to calculate what kind of discount it would take to motivate a diner to eat at a particular restaurant. This app is great for local restaurants to generate new clientele.


One of the most important metrics that managers should focus on is turn time, how many times a table can be filled in a night. Well, Allset was developed to help increase this very problem by allowing guests to pick a restaurant, order and pay for a meal and pick a time to eat. When the guests arrive, the meal is ready to go, which really helps get customers in and out in less than an hour. While incorporating mobile reservations to your business model can make a significant impact on your business, making sure that everyone follows the standard operating procedures each and every time used to be an impossible task before Glimpse.